Sarah Spear, the visionary founder and CEO of Empowered Together, a startup dedicated to supporting families of children affected by disabilities, recently shared her transformative experience using Altis.

Seeking to conduct a customer discovery round to delve into the pain points and needs of families impacted by disabilities, Empowered Together initially enlisted the help of a UX researcher vendor to conduct user interviews and analyze the results. However, Sarah soon discovered the remarkable potential of Altis’s AI in producing a detailed and insightful synthesis of user interviews, surpassing the capabilities of the human researcher.

Initially skeptical about the insights a machine could provide compared to a human user researcher, Sarah was astounded by the results. Altis AI not only streamlined the process of analyzing user interviews, but also delivered superior and more objective insights. The synthesized report cohesively presented all the emerging themes from the interviews, distilling them down to the core needs of their users. Impressively, the AI system accurately mirrored the language used during the interviews, a crucial aspect in the realm of disability.

Collaborating with Altis AI proved seamless for Sarah. She uploaded her videos, described the goals of her project, and the system supplied research questions and recommendations for the interviews. She also received a comprehensive synthesized report of all user interviews, along with the option to review individual interviews.

The impact of utilizing Altis for Empowered Together was profound. It enabled them to gain a significantly clearer understanding of their users' challenges and the potential solutions they could offer. Sarah summarized her experience with Altis in three words: synthesis, amazing, and surprising.

By harnessing the power of Altis, organizations like Empowered Together can continue to flourish and better serve their communities. The AI-generated analysis empowered Sarah to better comprehend her customers' needs, subsequently guiding the future direction of her startup.

In comparison to working with a human researcher, Altis offered a more comprehensive and unbiased report, free of the emotional influence which biased the human researcher to fixate on the most emotionally salient findings at the expense of understanding the broader needs of the Empowered Together user base. Furthermore, Altis provided cost savings and enhanced output with transparent upfront costs and a predictable project timeline, unlike human collaboration, which may result in unforeseen expenses and delays. Altis also delivered robust next-step recommendations that accurately represented her users, bolstering Sarah's confidence in the results.

Sarah wholeheartedly recommends Altis to others considering it for user research. She found her experience with Altis superior to other solutions she had tried and intends to use it again in the future. The success of Altis in supporting Empowered Together's user research showcases the immense potential of artificial intelligence in understanding users' needs and providing invaluable insights. 

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